When it is about time of having lunch or dinner, most people care first about how much they will be willing to pay for a meal without, most of time, thinking how much it is important to care their healthiness. Why should we consider that the best is always the most expensive? It is not always the truth.

Everyone should care about their own health, and their loved ones’. Caring our own health is first about what we put inside of our body. Most of the time, when we buy food that was not homemade, nobody can tell you what is really inside of your box/plate/packaging, and nobody can tell you where the meat or vegetables are coming from.

I strongly believe that everyone should know what he gives to his/her body, and how he really treats it. Are you willing to jump from a bridge without checking if you have an elastic tied behind you? Eating some food that you do not know where it is coming from is the same with the difference that the jump will take more time.

Of course, we can make the choice of trusting, trusting people, trusting labels. It is a possibility, but when we have a minimum of experience in life, we know trusting is not enough. And if we are not sure about trusting, can you still jump from your bridge?

I strongly believe that everyone should think about 4 things before eating food.
1) Is my food homemade?
2) Was my food made today?
3) Was my food made at the place I buy it from?
4) Does the chef know his job?

Eating better should happen through homemade food, and professional chefs. I am convinced that people can eat fresh, homemade, handmade, for an affordable cost. It is possible with a minimum of motivation. Respecting people start from having the motivation of offering the best. Everyone can do this, from the small shop manager to the hypermarket.

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