Sharing the Love: Customer Video Reviews

We love seeing our customers have a great time and enjoy their experience with us. That’s why we’re excited to offer you the opportunity to share your experience with others and receive a free box in return!

Here’s how it works:

Record a video of your experience with us. The video should be at least 1-2 minutes long and must include the following steps:

  • Receiving the entire box upon delivery
  • Emptying the box
  • Storing the food in the fridge (freezing is not allowed)
  • Taking out one meal from the fridge (meat + vegetables + starch/vegetable [keto option])
  • Placing the meal onto a plate or into a lunchbox
  • Reheating the meal
  • Enjoying the meal at home with family, at work with coworkers, outside on a trip, or any other location where you enjoy our delicious meals

We welcome all levels of video-making skills, from beginner to advanced. Our team can assist with editing if you need help, so don’t hesitate to submit your video even if you’re not a professional.

Ensure that your video is of high quality, with a minimum resolution of 720, and that it provides an authentic and honest portrayal of your experience with us.

Your video must include all the steps listed above and must not exclude any of them. In the final step, please show the guest(s) finishing their plate and resting the fork onto the plate. (Refer to other videos as an example).

When posting your video on your social media accounts (Facebook + Instagram, YouTube if you have an account), please use the following message template: “Here is my testimonial about my food box at MichelBru. I really love this convenient service. More than buying tasty homemade western food, I buy precious time, and I can focus on what really matters to me. My food is prepared by a professional chef, homemade, and available from my fridge at any time! Thank you to all of the MichelBru team. Here is their website:

You will receive the free box once the video has been online on your social media accounts for at least 48 hours.

After posting your video on your social media accounts, request your free box by filling out the Google form located here [insert link to Google form].

By submitting your video, you agree to allow us to use your family name (or a fake name upon request) and the name of the city where the video was taken (or a fake name upon request) in any marketing or promotional materials created by us.

By submitting your video, you also expressly give us the right to use your image and voice, and you confirm that every person who appears in the video has given their consent for their image and voice to be used in marketing or promotional materials created by us. You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for obtaining the consent of any other individuals who appear in the video and that you will indemnify and hold us harmless from any claims, damages, or other liabilities arising from the use of any such materials.

Once we’ve reviewed your video and confirmed that it meets our requirements, we’ll send you a free box as a thank-you for sharing your experience with others.

By participating in this program, you’re helping us spread the word about our business and the great experiences we offer. We’re excited to see your videos and to share them with others!

Please see our terms and conditions for more information about this program.