"Indulge in exquisite cuisine from renowned Top Chefs at MichelBru!"

We are delighted to present our latest and most exciting offering yet – “Top Chefs from Your Fridge” – a unique edition brought to you by MichelBru!

What is “Top Chefs from Your Fridge”? Imagine having a world-class chef right in your kitchen, preparing their favorite meals for you to enjoy. With “Top Chefs from Your Fridge,” we make this dream a reality! On a regular basis, we collaborate with renowned chefs, both local and international, to bring their signature dishes directly to your doorstep.

What Makes “Top Chefs from Your Fridge” Special?

  1. Culinary Excellence at Home: Our guest chefs will curate a delightful meal, crafted with their passion and culinary expertise. The dishes are prepared to align perfectly with MichelBru’s core values – homemade, no processed food, and cooked with love.

  2. Global Flavors, European Charm: Get ready to embark on a gastronomic journey as we showcase diverse cuisines from around the world, while still cherishing our European roots. Each chef will infuse their unique flair, creating an unforgettable dining experience.

  3. Fresher Than Ever: Your meals will be carefully preserved in vacuum-sealed bags, ensuring they stay fresh and flavorsome for up to 7 days. Enjoy restaurant-quality meals at your convenience!

Indulge in New Flavors, Elevate Your Home Dining! We are committed to bringing you the best of the best. “Top Chefs from Your Fridge” is not just a service; it’s an opportunity to embrace novelty, explore new tastes, and celebrate the art of cooking.

Dive into a world of gourmet pleasures, all from the comfort of your own home. MichelBru invites you to savor the essence of fine dining, guided by the masters of the culinary craft.

Stay tuned for our first “Top Chefs from Your Fridge” edition, and prepare for an epicurean adventure like no other!

Bon appétit! 🍽️


“Top Chefs, from your fridge” 1
“Top Chefs, from your fridge” 2

How “Top Chefs from Your Fridge” Works? An Effortless Culinary Adventure!

Participating in this extraordinary culinary experience is as easy as can be! Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure you don’t miss out on the delightful creations of our guest chefs:

1. Stay Informed on Social Media: Follow us on our social media platforms, where we’ll keep you updated on the latest guest chefs and their delectable dishes. Be the first to know and get ready to tantalize your taste buds!

2. Discover the Guest Chef & Their Signature Dish: Get excited as we reveal the new guest chef and the mouthwatering meal they’ll be preparing. Our posts will ignite your curiosity and prepare you for a culinary journey like no other.

3. Personalize Your Order: If you’re intrigued by the guest chef’s creation, it’s time to take action! When placing your order for our weekly boxes, simply choose to add the chef’s special meal to your selection. Whether you prefer our standard boxes or customized ones, we’ve got you covered!

4. Seamlessly Added to Your Box: For those who enjoy our standard boxes, worry not! If the guest chef’s meal complements your chosen box, it will be automatically added, enhancing your gastronomic experience without any hassle.

5. Delight in Culinary Excellence: Now comes the best part – savoring the exquisite flavors prepared by top culinary talents. Prepare to be impressed as you enjoy a gourmet meal within the comfort of your own home.

6. A Treat for All Food Enthusiasts: Whether you’ve been a loyal MichelBru customer or you’re just starting your journey with us, “Top Chefs from Your Fridge” welcomes all food enthusiasts to indulge in the world of fine dining.

At MichelBru, we strive to make every step of your culinary adventure effortless and enjoyable. So, follow us on social media, explore the guest chefs’ creations, and add their masterpiece to your box for a memorable dining experience.