At MichelBru, we consider that the health and well-being of our guests needs to be put at first. That is one of the reasons why our food delivery company is different from all others.

With our world-wide recipes, whatever you are looking for a daily healthy food option, special food diet, losing weight, gain muscle, you will find your right box. All of our healthy range come with large portions of local fresh vegetables, local meats and starches. Also, free weeks and free delivery are available for regular guests.

With us, you have the assurance to eat healthy, balanced, and get all the nutrients your body needs. Our food is 100% homemade, 100% cooked in our kitchens in Taiwan, 100% without food enhancer, and 100% without food additives.

At MichelBru, we work only with professionals. The head-chef being Michel Bru, a 24 years experienced Michelin Star Chef, Vivian Wu, a Taiwan Registered Dietician.

NB: Dietician services available. (Free advises included for premium customers)

Vivian Wu

Vivian Wu

Registered Dietician & Advisor

Education : M.S. Institute of Cellular & Molecular Biology, Taipei Medical University – Bachelor of Nutrition Group, Department of food and nutrition. Fu Jen Catholic University

  • Diabetes Health Education Dietician

  • Obesity Specialist Dietician

  • Sports Nutrition Training Certification

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– No need to think everyday about what to eat !
– No need to pay everyday !
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